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HMRC investigations. Investigated.

  • Insights into HMRC’s statements about their areas of focus.
  • The realities of how that is translating into real life investigations.
  • HMRC investigatory tactics.
  • What to do if a client receives an enquiry notice.
  • Handling communications and meetings with HMRC.


Andy North
Dean Shepherd

Andy North

Chief Marketing Officer, TaxCalc.

Dean Shepherd CTA FMAAT

Director of Product Compliance, TaxCalc.

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HMRC investigations. Investigated.

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Sarah Scala

Sarah Scala

Chartered Tax Adviser and Head of Tax Dispute Resolution at Claritas Tax.

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HMRC enquiries are on the rise.

And as you know, they can be stressful and time-consuming for you, not to mention expensive for your clients.

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In this edition of our highly popular webinar series, we were joined by two seasoned professionals, who shared valuable insights and advice in countering the worst aspects of a client investigation.

We examined:

Paul Rigney

Paul Rigney

Head of ICPA and Tax Fee Protection specialist at Vantage.