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Fresh thinking on your firm’s Cloud strategy

  • What exactly we mean when referring to ‘the Cloud’ in respect to accounting technology.
  • How well understood these concepts are in the accounting profession.
  • The main drivers for firms looking to migrate to the Cloud.
  • Common issues and mistakes firms face.
  • The experiences of firms of different sizes.


Andy North
Dean Shepherd

Andy North

Chief Marketing Officer, TaxCalc.

Dean Shepherd CTA FMAAT

Director of Product Compliance, TaxCalc.

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Learn how other firms have got their cloud strategy right, and wrong.

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Fresh thinking on your firm’s Cloud strategy

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Eriona Bajrakurtaj

Billie Mcloughlin ACCA

Practice Consultant, 20:20 Innovation and Chair of 20:20 Tech Talk.

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Most accountants agree that the power and flexibility of the Cloud has had a profound and positive impact on the profession over the last decade.

But there is less agreement around the question of what ‘taking your practice to the Cloud’ actually means. There are many interpretations and variations on what technology should be in the Cloud and how it is deployed when it gets there.

Are you a purist, or a pragmatist? And what opportunities might you be missing out on that other firms are enjoying?

To explore this fascinating subject we were joined by practice technology expert at 20:20 Innovation, Billie Mcloughlin for a fascinating webinar, in which she shared learnings and warnings from those firms who have benefitted from her expertise.

Topics we’ll explore include:

Billie was also be on hand to answer your questions.

As always, we keep our webinars, informative, friendly and jargon-free.